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How to handle immense disappointment and keep yourself motivated?

Question: It has been about 2 years since I am applying in different exams but have not passed any single exam. I am facing alot of criticism from my family and friends. Can you please tell me how should I handle this disappointment and keep myself motivated?

Answer:  Allah has rightly said in the Quran that a man gets what he strives for. Therefore,  you should have firm faith on Allah and then on your hard work. I know that it is really hard to see yourself in perpetual  study mode while most of your old friends get on with their new carriers. I have few of my friends who have got their dream jobs after their continuous struggle of 4 years. Therefore , keep yourself motivated no matter how long it takes you to reach your goal.
As far as people are concerned, just ignore them. Whatever you do, good or bad, people will always have something bad to say. So it is far better to ignore them and just stick to your plans.

Question Asked By: Abdul Moeed

Role of MasterMcqs in the Preparation of Various Exams

MasterMcqs is one of the leading Mcqs websites in Pakistan. Our sole purpose is to help students to prepare smart and score high in the various exams of government and other reputed jobs. MasterMcqs has been specially designed by utilizing the personal experiences of various candidates who have given number of tests in the last five years.

Therefore, this website fulfills all the requirements and needs of the candidates who are preparing for various jobs since last so many years.This website will provide diverse and up to dated material of various subjects on a single platform that will help the candidates to get the top score in mcqs based test.

Role of Group Study in Exam Perpetration

Question: Please tell me what role group study plays for the preparation of exam? Most of the students discuss irrelevant topics rather discussing study material. So should one study at home alone?

Answer: Group Study helps you to analyze where your preparation stands as compare to other students. You get a chance to learn from one another by sharing knowledge and keeping one another up-to-date. It is better to ask questions, especially facts from one another so that they may become part of  your subconscious memory.
Moreover, there should be maximum of 4 to 5 students in one group, 3 are the best. Remember more students you take on board more chances you create to get detracted. So choosing your mates wisely is the most important part of group discussion.

Question Asked By: Abdul Hannan Sadozai

Time Management in Exam

Question: Please tell me how should i manage my time in exam.

Answer: Time management is every thing in any type of exam. If you know the answer of all questions yet don’t manage time then there are chances that you end up having few questions unattempted.
You should divide total time of the exam with the total number of questions. In this way you will get time required to solve one question. Now you should try to  save time by solving the easy mcqs first and giving the remaining time to tough mcqs such as mathematical or analytical questions which are usually quite time consuming.

Question Asked By: Fayyaz Kalhoro

How much hours one should study on daily basis

Question: How much hours one should give to study per day for the good preparation of test?

Answer: The number of hours that are required to study per day varies with the potential of an individual. However, an average candidate must give 6 to 7 hours per day to the studies for at least 3 months. Furthermore, the candidate should know that it is the consistency that matters more than the number of hours. A person giving 5 hours to his studies consistently is far better than a person who give 12 hours to his studies on one day, 2 hours on second day, 4 hours on third day. It is because with in a week or two whole stamina of the inconsistent person will be exhausted and he would start taking his study as a burden.

Question asked by: Aneela

Finding Proper Guidance for Exam Preparation

Question: How to find a proper guidance as a beginner for the preparation of various tests?

Answer: A candidate who has recently started the preparation should join a study group of candidates by visiting the nearest library and consulting the senior candidates. A library is the best place for preparation because it provides a suitable environment for study.

If you don’t have any access to library and to any group- mostly case with girls. You should create a suitable study environment at home and keep yourself motivated. Moreover our Team at MasterMcqs is always here to give you a proper guidance. Feel Free to ask us any question.

Question Asked by: Aneela

What to do on a day before the exam?

Question: One of the greatest problem i face in the exams is that i have alot of material to study a days before the exam which i cant complete. What study would you suggest to complete my all material?

Answer: You should follow the strategy of the CSS Aspirants. What they do is they do have 2 type of note: detail notes and short notes. Detail notes are used for acquiring thorough information on any topic and short notes just carry the most important facts on that topic which they revise a day before the exam.
Strategy for You: You should also make 2 types of notes: detail and short notes. In detail notes you should have all the important mcqs of any subjects and in the short notes you should have only facts and figure and and those important topics that you deem important but forget easily. In this way you will be having less but important material to study a day before exam.

Note MasterMcqs provides the best feature to add difficult or forgettable mcqs in your Favorite List that you can read a day before exam. Just mark the Star button in any mcqs you want to save and read it any time you want in your Favorite List.

Question asked by: Zaheer Mengal

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