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#1. Who gave you permission to enter?

#2. Look at the poll results- do they inspire hope?

#3. What is mean by the idiom: A penny saved is a penny earned

#4. Synonym of EXTROVERT is ____________.

#5. They first sun-dried the leather for two to three days to make it rigid and tough.

#6. Zeeshan died _______ hepatitis.

#7. Shan is ____________ than Umair by five years.

#8. You need not __________ worry.

#9. It is a rule of the company to (endow) T M

#10. Synonym of GRUMBLE is _____________.


#12. I consider him _________ my teacher.

#13. Antonym of BELITTLE is _____________.

#14. Haris tells me again and again “I am leaving for Karachi tomorrow”.

#15. No sooner he entered the home ___________ it began to rain.

#16. Select the correctly punctuated sentence.

#17. He swore ________ God.

#18. Hannan said, “My room-mate snored throughout the night.”

#19. Synonym of GLUT is _____________.

#20. _________ health is a wealth.

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