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#1. Which function can perform a logical test and return one value for a TRUE result, and another for a FALSE result in MS Excel?

#2. Drop cap in MS word document is used for ______________.

#3. Header and Footer can be inserted in from ____________ menu in MS word.

#4. Which among the following is not an internet browser?

#5. What all computers must have?

#6. Which hotkey is used To find and replace data in a worksheet in MS Excel?

#7. Which is the essential component of a communication cycle?

#8. Which menu consist of Drop cap option in MS word?

#9. Which keyboard key is used to delete character to the left side of the cursor?

#10. The biggest company of computer software in the world is ______________.

#11. The capacity of a standard PC floppy disk is _____________.

#12. Which among the following card is an example of Mobile Sim?

#13. By pressing which hotkey fills the row cell to the right with the contents of the selected cell in MS Excel?

#14. Which among the following is an example of ATM card?

#15. Which among the following optical disc holds more information than the Compact Disk (CD)?

#16. The computer programming languages that are closer to human languages and farther from machine languages are associated as ___________________.

#17. 1 KB is equal to _____________.

#18. Which among the following options are available in Character Spacing in MS word?

#19. From where you can display or hide text boundaries of a MS word document?

#20. The set of instructions given to perform the actions is called ___________.

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