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#1. Rightly ___________________ that honesty is the best policy.

#2. Will you keep my secrets?

#3. She made milkshake with ___________ milk in the jug.

#4. I think him ____________ fool.

#5. Mubasher said, “I will do it now or never.”


#7. Father congratulated me _____ my success.

#8. Antonym of FORTUITOUS is _____________.

#9. Synonym of INVINCIBLE is _______________.

#10. I bought ______ eggs.

#11. I think him ____________ fool.


#13. _______ Gold is more valuable than silver.

#14. Sonia said to Iqbal, “Will you help me in my work just now?”

#15. Who gave you permission to enter?

#16. A rise in ______________________have been found to go together.

#17. Why do you tell a lie?

#18. Shahid said, “I shall go as soon as possible”.

#19. Four pair of socks _______ bought.

#20. The Indus is ______ famous river.

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