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#1. Cerebrum is the _________ part of the Brain.

#2. Thiamine is Vitamin __________.

#3. The most abundant element in human body is ________________.

#4. Remote control emits __________ signals.

#5. Convex lens is also called _______________.

#6. What is the unit of Impulse?

#7. A wave which does not require any medium is called ___________________ wave.

#8. An undoped semiconductor is known as _____________.

#9. Angular momentum of satellite is given by ____________.

#10. Eustachian Tube belongs to ___________.

#11. Which of the two Vitamins are produced by body?

#12. Milk lacks ____________.

#13. Water in a kettle is heated by ___________.

#14. Day and night are the results of

#15. Rickets is caused by the deficiency of Vitamin ________.

#16. Oxidation is the removal of ____________.

#17. The charge present on electron is _________.

#18. Which of the two vitamins are water soluble?

#19. Concave mirror forms _____________ size of image when the object is at focus.

#20. In plants, reserved food is stored as ____________.

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