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#1. Who is called Father of Computer?

#2. Which function hotkey calculates the workbook in MS Excel?

#3. Which among the following can also store some basic information?

#4. What is the abbreviation of PPTP?

#5. CPU is an example of computer _______________.

#6. Thesaurus tool in MS word is used for _____________.

#7. ____________ is not located on the computer motherboard.

#8. Which kind of file is “MPG” extension?

#9. The biggest company of computer software in the world is ______________.

#10. _____________ is not an input device.

#11. Borders can be applied to ______________ in MS word.

#12. The capacity of a standard PC floppy disk is _____________.

#13. OCR is commonly used for ____________.

#14. You can remove borders applied to a cell from Borders menu by selecting Erase Border in ________________ tab of MS Excel.

#15. Which among the following is not a valid formula of MS Excel?

#16. What does computer port do?

#17. which among the following files indicate only graphics files?

#18. On which circuit board the CPU is located?

#19. Which hotkey is used to move the cursor to the end of document in MS word?

#20. Which among the following is not a valid option in Remove Arrows options located in Formula Auditing of MS Excel?

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