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#1. In which Surah Hajj is ordained?

#2. Taurat was revealed on which Prophet?

#3. What was the name of tribe who persecuted Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Taif?

#4. How many kings accepted Islam when holy prophet sent them letters?

#5. Injeel was revealed on _______________.

#6. In which two surahs the event of Miraj is discussed?

#7. For how many days Prophet stayed at the Village Badar after the Ghazwa Badar?

#8. Injeel was revealed on which Prophet?

#9. Haroon AS is buried in which place?

#10. Khums means

#11. The place where offering prayer is just like offering prayer inside Kaba is____________.

#12. What was Hazrat Ibrahim to Hazrat Loot?

#13. The name of Ibadat done by Prophet in Hira was _____________.

#14. For how many years Prophet prayed in the cave of Hira before first revelation?

#15. Name of Paternal Grandmother of Holy Prophet P.B.U.H was

#16. The first structure of Kaaba was built by whom?

#17. Who said that Hajj is greatest of all worships?

#18. Number of Muslim soldier in Battle of Badar were:

#19. Sahifah-e-Saadiqa is the first collection of

#20. The first Surah revealed in Madina was_____________.

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