Patrol officer batch 1 paper (27/9/2020)

Corona virus started from?
General seats in Punjb assembly?
General seats in blochistan assembly?
Last general elections held on?
Objective resolution made part of constitution in which ammendment?
Qasim suri belong to?
8th ammenent gave what powers to president?
Who gave two nation theory?
Who was pm at time of 1st constitution?
Who imposed 1st martial law?
1st martial law date?
Last governor general?
PM at time of 3rd martial law?
Who dismissed nawaz sharif 2nd govt?
Reason of Nawaz musharaf conflict?
Author of book “ahya ul uloom”?
Who is call Shakespeare of urdu?

Biggest sin in islam?
2nd biggest sin according to hadith?
Angels are made of?
Distribution of rizq is assigned to?
Zaboor on which nabi?
Who is jame ul quran?
Pillars of islam?
Quran revealed in which month?

All questions in English portion were related to grammar usage.

Math questions included ratio & proportion, profit & loss, area, algebra etc.

20 questions from national highway safety ordinance 2000

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