Patrol officer Batch 2 (27/9)

Current Affair MCQs:
1. Corona started from…
2. Imran became PM on…
3. 1956 constitution enforced on..
4. Faiz Ahmed Faiz in which cas…
5. PM during 4th Martial Law
6. 3rd Martial Law enfored on…
7. When 1st constitution Assembly desolved
8. Pakistan became member of UN on
9. Who presented objective resolution
10. UN headquarter
11. Member of USA senate
12. Annexation of State of Swat
13. Khanjarab connect
14. VIce captain during 1992 cricket
25 FATA merger through wich amendment
25. Number of seats in sindh asebly
25. 1st Rocket launched by Pakistan
26. Naval Headquarters is in

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