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Rules for Changing the Narration (Direct & Indirect Speech) with Examples

  Narration – Direct and Indirect Speech 


 “Reporting the words of the speaker either by quoting his exact words or without quoting the speaker’s actual words is defined as Narration.”


We need to narrate words of others in two distinguished ways:

  1. Either we repeat his actual words without amending them.
  2. Or we convey the same meanings using our own words.

The former way of communication is called DIRECT SPEECH or QUOTED SPEECH. In case of direct speech, inverted commas are used to mark off the actual words of the speaker.

Articles and their Usage with Examples



There are three articles in English which are “a, an and the”. As they come before nouns, therefore, we can say that their function is to aid nouns.

We classify articles on the basis of their usage with specific or common things. There are two types of articles. Which are:

  1.       Definite article (the)
  2.       Indefinite articles (a and an)

Adjectives with Examples


Adjective is a word used to describe a noun. It tells us more about a noun.Its function is to add more information to the meaning of a noun.

For instance:

    1. He is a talented student.
    2. You are drinking cold water.
    3. Lahore is a big city.
    4. She is the tallest girl of her class.
    5. You are wearing a nice dress.

In these examples, underlined words (talented, cold, big, tallest and nice) are adjectives because they are used to qualify nouns that are student, water, city, girl and dress.

Note: For online test of Adjectives  Click Here 

Preposition with examples



A preposition is a word which is used with a noun and also with a pronoun. Its function is to depict how the person or the thing, which is denoted by a noun or pronoun, stands in relation to something else.


Following are enlisted important prepositions:

By, under, of, in, beside, among, up, down, off, over, from, on, at, for, through, till, to, out, with, about, above, across, along, around, before, behind, beneath, amongst, below, between, beyond, inside, outside etc.

Parts of Speech and their different types with Examples



“We need to divide words according to the functions they perform and categories they fall in. So, those different kinds or classes in which we divide words are called parts of speech.”

Words are categorized among different classes on the basis of their use that is according to the work they perform in a sentence. As, a sentence is composed of different words joined together in a specific order. That is why we say that different parts of speech combine together in order to make a single complete meaningful sentence.

Who is the current federal minister for narcotics control?

A. Azam Swati
B. Sheikh Rasheed
C. Zartaj Gul
D. Aijaz Shah

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D. Aijaz Shah

____________ landed at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport airport after almost 40 years ?

A. British Airways
B. Qantas Airways
C. Qatar Airways
D. None of these

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A. British Airways

The Lahore Orange Line (first-ever electric train of Pakistan) was inaugurated on _________?

A. 14 Aug 2020
B. 25 Sep 2020
C. 10th Oct 2020
D. 25 Oct 2020

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D. 25 Oct 2020

What is the ranking of Pakistan in the recently released The Asia Power Index 2020?

A. 10th
B. 15th
C. 20th
D. 25th

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B. 15th

Name the authority that is established for the development of islands specially the Bundal and Buddo island in first phase?

A. Islands and coastal line development Authority of Pakistan
B. Island development authority of Pakistan
C. Pakistan island establishment authority
D. Pakistani islands development authority

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D. Pakistani islands development authority

How many times Pakistan has been elected to the UN’s Premier body on Human Rights Council (HRC)?

A. 3 times
B. 4 times
C. 5 times
D. 6 times

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C. 5 times
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