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Q. How much time is enough to crack an exam?

Ans: The time to crack an exam varies with the competency level of an individual and type of test. The average candidate will require about 6 to 4 months to get a good score of more than 80 percent. However, if an individual is preparing for the test since a long time, he would require only 30 to 15 days to revise the whole material just before the test date.

Q. How to study smart?

Ans: A candidate should continue his study in a smart way so that he may study more in less time. In order to study smart a candidate should know his strong and weak subjects. Moreover, in weak subjects he should note the difficult or forgettable facts and figures on separate pages. Later on he should revise these facts and figures regularly for two to three weeks so that he may remember these things for a long time that will help in passing various tests.
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Q. How to tackle the exam pressure?

Ans: A candidate should give his best for the preparation of an exam but on the test day he should have confidence on his hard work and  feel easy and comfortable. He should accept the fact that it is useless to take pressure at the time of test because it will not help in getting good marks rather may lead to a state of confusion which may negatively affect his current preparation. Apart from this,  if a test has not gone well, he should learn from the mistakes of previous tests and and try to give his best in other tests.

Q. What to do on a day before the exam?

Ans: A candidate should thoroughly revise the whole material of preparation a day before the exam. Additionally, he should focus on the facts and figures of different things and remain updated about the current affairs till the last day of the test.

Q. How much marks will be enough to be on the safe side?

Ans: The number of candidates appearing in the tests are increasingly day by day because of the unemployment and resultantly  the competition is also becoming tough.Therefore, a candidate should get 90% plus marks to be on the safe side for passing the test.

Q. How to find a proper guidance for preparation of various tests?

Ans: A candidate who has recently started the preparation should join a study group of candidates by visiting the nearest library and consult the senior candidates for guidance.A library is the best place for preparation because it provides a suitable environment for study.

Q.How much hours one should give to study per day for the good preparation of test?

Ans: The number of hours that are to be given to study per day varies with the potential of an individual.However, an average candidate must give 8 to 12 hours per day to study in order to get the best score in the test. Furthermore, the candidate should know that it is the consistency that matters more than the number of hours. If a person is giving 8 hours per day to study with consistency is better than a person who is giving 12 hours to the studies inconsistently.

Q. How to manage time during mcqs based exams ?

Ans: First of all, a candidate should know the total number of mcqs given in the test and time allowed for it. He should divide the number of minutes with the number of mcqs to know the available time for each mcq. Moreover, he should try to  save time by first solving the easy mcqs and giving the remaining time to tough mcqs such as mathematical or analytical questions which are usually quite time consuming.

Q. Which subjects does a candidate should give more attention?

Ans: A candidate should know his strong and weak subjects and thus should  give more time to weak subjects. It does not mean that he should take his strong subjects lightly but should revise them consistently to get the best score in the test. 

Q. What is the role of group study during the preparation of various tests?

Ans: Group study will help a lot because all the members of a group will learn from one another by sharing knowledge. It is better to ask the questions especially facts from each other so that they may become part of  your subconscious memory. 

Q. What is the role of MasterMcqs for the preparation of various tests?

Ans: MasterMcqs is the only website that will help you to master your dreams of getting the particular job in a short time. MasterMcqs has been designed considering the personal experiences of various candidates who have given the number of tests in the last five years.

Therefore, this website fulfills all the requirements and needs of the current candidates who are preparing for various jobs since last so many years.This website will provide diverse and up to dated material of various subjects on a single platform that will help the candidates to get the top score in mcqs based test.

Q. How to handle immense disappointment and keep yourself motivated? 

Allah has rightly said in the Quran that a man gets for what he strives for. Therefore, a candidate should have firm faith on his hard work. The hardest part of these type of exams is that they get a lot of time in announcing the results that frustrate the candidates and disappoint them. However, he should keep himself motivated and continue his struggles despite the obstacles.

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